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Itai Ben Horin takes us on a journey into the depths of the psyche of presidents and prime ministers,
brings us into the conference rooms of CEOs of corporations and companies.
In his book, he analyzes and explains in a clear and fluent way 16 crises, and one more special crisis, through the point of view of crisis managers and allows readers to examine themselves - what they would choose to do - with the chances and risks of each choice, the opportunities and strategies facing the decision makers.
Alongside the test cases, there are four theoretical chapters that present different models for dealing with different types of crises in practice.
For the purpose of writing the various chapters, Ben-Hurin interviewed prominent strategic consultants - Stanley Greenberg, Bob Shrom, Tal Alexandrovich Segev, Eyal Arad, Avi Banyahu and others.

The readers get a unique opportunity to be exposed to a fascinating, intense and exciting world, where our abilities - as managers, as leaders, as human beings - are tested and honed to the highest level.
You must excel, be the best, shine - because this is the hour when everything is at stake, the hour when destinies are decided

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