By Haim Shapira (Author)

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The science fiction writer Herbert George Wells wrote that one day statistical thinking will be as important to every citizen as the ability to read and write. This day is already here.
Haim Shapira invites you in his book Crocodiles, Gambling and Birthdays to join the journeyto the realm of statistics and probability.
We'll learn from Tanin Dima about the differences between average and median
We'll visit the Monte Carlo casino and find an optimal betting strategy
We'll dig into the NBA players' salary data and find out who is the greatest scorer in the history of this league
We'll find out what statistical error happened in O's trial. J. Simpson
We will get to know the numbers behind the law of really large numbers
We will meet a man who robbed a bank with a lemon and delve into the Dunning-Kruger effect
We will participate in a really strange lottery and learn to calculate a correlation coefficient
We will check whether high driving speed causes car accidents
Together with Blaise Pascal and Pierre Parma We will help a French nobleman with his bets and learn the basics of probability theory
We will investigate the statistical errors in the sad case of Sally Clark 

We will participate in a triathlon and help a hundred prisoners win amnesty
We will check if there is a chance for democracy and find out what the probability is that
the sun will rise tomorrow

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