By Bar Midan (Author)

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This is the first book of Lt. Col. (Res.) Midan Bar, in which he reveals experiences from his time serving as a helicopter pilot in the security strip in Lebanon, which until today were sealed in his memory. This is not only a book about daring and courage, although it also has quite a few of these, but especially a book that slowly peels back the layers of the onion until the feelings of fear, loneliness, sacrifice and satisfaction inside the cockpit are revealed and the unique connection and commitment to the ground forces in the Gaza Strip are revealed. In depth and grace. Bar succeeds in articulating many insights regarding Israeli society, leadership and human beings, as well as insights regarding the connections between populations and adherence to a mission that is not necessarily military. Midan Bar, born in 1973, grew up in the Moshav Habezalet Hasharon. In 1991, he enlisted in a pilot's course and was trained as a pilot on the Anfa helicopters and an owl. Behind him are many hours of flying in the skies of Lebanon and dozens of sorties to rescue the wounded, some under fire. In March 1997, he was launched into a complex incident in Litani, where he and the team with him managed to rescue, at great personal risk, a Golani officer who was seriously injured in an operational activity from a narrow and mined canyon. For his part in the operation The rescue received a "credit registration" from Madan, a token of appreciation on behalf of Makaf D. The Air Force for an unusual and extraordinary action, which was awarded to the team by Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin Shakh. Midan embarks on an inner journey in an attempt to understand the consequences of the long service in Lebanon - on the ground and in the air - on an entire generation and on Israeli society as a whole. At the culmination of the journey, 20 years after leaving Lebanon, he met with the same wounded officer he rescued and from there begins a story that concerns the security belt generation during one of the most challenging periods in the history of the State of Israel. Midan, currently an El Al pilot and chairman of the Israel Pilots Association, continues to guide the future generation of Air Force pilots.

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