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Ashlyn Killeen is an innocent girl.
When her sister goes missing during a trip to New York, Ashlyn leaves Dublin to search for her. She takes refuge with her uncle, a strict priest in the largest Catholic community in the city and also the confessor of the MaffeiThe Irish As she begins to grope in the dark, the clues soon lead her to the criminal underworld and to one of its key players: Lorcan Devaney.

Lorcan Devaney is a brutal mobster with a temper who terrorizes the streets of the city, and his patience is almost non-existent.

Ashlyn is sure he is the man who knows what happened to her sister. But too late, she realizes that there is no worse idea than attracting the attention of a man like him. When secrets from her family's past are revealed, she is forced to marry a man who may be responsible for her sister's disappearance.

Will she find her sister and escape the unwanted arranged marriage or will she be the second daughter of the Killeen family to disappear from the face of the earth?

Dangerous Innocence is the first book in the Irish Mafia series Pentacle Shamrock, where each book is written about different heroes and has a closed ending.
Cora Riley continues to conquer the leading bestseller lists in the world and in Israel. Her romantic mafia series: Born to Blood, Camorra Cartel and Sins of the Fathers, as well as the spin-off books: Sweet Temptation and Fragile Longing were a resounding success and praised by many readers.

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