By Tomer Tsavan (Author)

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"Go right," the Shin Bet coordinator instructs me, "we'll go around the main thoroughfare." I turn right and right again and enter the mosque plaza. On weekdays the plaza is almost completely empty, but today is not a weekday but Friday at noon, and a large crowd leaves the mosque I am forced to stop the car. The worshipers continue to leave the mosque and now they are already surrounding our Peugeot. The level of vigilance and pressure in the car is enormous. I hear the fighters in the back quietly stepping on their Uzis. The faces of the Shin Bet coordinator and the team commander radiate indifference, But I feel their tension. Now everything is on my shoulders. What should I do to get us out of here? This whole situation can turn into a bloodbath in a second with dozens of their and our deaths. I'm only twenty years old, a young warrior currently in the lion's den, and I'm the only person who can get us out of here. Tomer Tsavan was a fighter in the Samson undercover unit at the beginning of the first intifada. In his first book, Deep in Gaza, he tells candidly about the dangerous operations in which he participated, and also about the mark that military service left on him. His personal story allows us a glimpse into a fascinating, daring and different world of warriors who are hidden most of the time from our eyes while guarding our lives.

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