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A brilliant book, Ian McEwan "An outstanding book", Washington Post "Anfara knows how to tell a story brilliantly", New York Times From the tiny shack where his family huddles, nine-year-old Jay observes the twinkling lights of the world, which will never be his. He knows every detail about the homes of the glamorous rich. His mother told him. She cleans houses exactly like this. This is life in a big city in India, and there is no justice or injustice in it. They are simply what they are: one hot meal a day that is eaten immediately because there is no refrigerator, common toilets for the entire neighborhood. Jai lives this life happily, but in one moment the world loses its stability. Jai's classmate Bahadur disappeared as if his soul had been kidnapped by an evil spirit. The pain of the family members and the panic washing over the children's lives remain unanswered. No one has a clue, the police show no interest. In a world where there is no responsible adult, the children take the role upon themselves. Jai recruits two good friends and together they start an investigation. They search everywhere, in the shanty town and colorful markets, among dogs and rickshaws and under cloudy skies. These are moments full of meaning and hope. Suddenly the children have a real role in the world, except then another child disappears. followed by two brothers. And at the climax, horror knocks on the very door of their house. Detectives from the Ghost Market by Deepa Anpara is a moving and heart-wrenching prose. The book won the prestigious "Edgar" award and was named one of the best books of 2020 by a number of newspapers, including the New York Times, Time, the Washington Post and the Guardian. This is the debut book by Anpara, an Indian-born, award-winning journalist now living in the UK.

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