By Yitzhak ben Israel Guy Finkelstein (Author)

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The city of Barakat is an imaginary capital city of an imaginary land - the Land of Oz. In the famous story about the Wizard of Oz, everyone who enters the shining city is required to wear green glasses. The city is not green. But because of the glasses, in the eyes of everyone who is there, the shining city is a green city. Now leave the story of the children. Think about our consciousness, as humans. We also look at the world through glasses. We have eyes that see. We have a brain, which processes the sights. We cannot remove these glasses (eyes and brain). That is, we have no ability to know what the world "really" looks like, without human glasses. Is there even a "really" world? And maybe our glasses - that's all there is. Maybe, like in the Matrix, everything happens only in the head, and there is nothing outside? This is a question that many philosophers and scientists have grappled with. A question that was emphasized following three giant leaps of human thought: the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, and the quantum theory of Heisenberg, Schrödinger and Bohr. It is not easy to understand the philosophy of Kant, nor the physics of the twentieth century, without friendly and strict guidance. This is what this book seeks to be: Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel and Guy Finkelstein are the friendly and strict guides, in a journey that begins with Newton and Kant, in the eighteenth century, and culminates dramatically with Einstein, Bohr, Schrödinger and Boehm in the twentieth century. It is a dizzying journey of strange, fascinating and sometimes almost unimaginable discoveries. You will meet distant stars, powerful magnets, radar-guided missiles, snake eyes, running electrons, bickering scientists, gas molecules and energy fields. You will meet a student who disappears in one place and appears in another, and you will meet living and dead cats. It is impossible without living-dead cats. It has been said in advance: this book is suitable for those who are ready and willing to read with concentration, to make a little effort, to linger a little. If this book was a journey in the mountains, we would define it as 'for the cult'. You know how it is with walking paths: with them you reach hidden corners. From which you can see the most beautiful view. In these you reach the highest peak. Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel is the head of the Yuval Na'man workshop for science, technology and security and the head of the Blavatnik Cyber ??Center at Tel Aviv University, at the same time as he is the head of the Israel Space Agency. General (res.) Yitzhak Ben Israel was the head of the Ministry of Defense and a member of the Knesset. He studied mathematics, physics and philosophy at Tel Aviv University and for many years taught the course on which the book is based. During his military service he received the Israel Security Award twice. He was an initiator and founder of the cyber revolution in Israel in the last decade. Gia Finkelstein is a writer who won a Lottery grant, born in 1983. She owns an independent writing and editing business ("Lachtov") and a master's degree in the history and philosophy of science and ideas (Tel Aviv University).

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