By Lial Dafna (Author)

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In recent years, the political system entered a vertigo, which changed its face: the right and the left turned in new directions, the Arab and ultra-Orthodox parties underwent a shake-up, and social networks forced the politicians to update their operating model. Doing Politics is a unique book about the political world beyond the news releases. He examines what the target is on the compass of our leaders, how they see Israel in 50 or 100 years, and if all the means are kosher on the way to the goal. It makes it possible to understand the in-depth processes that Israeli society is going through and to see the burning political issues through new glasses. This is an embarrassed teacher who explains how the political system works behind the scenes and why the reality is so different from everything we have learned. He takes the reader on an unmediated visit to the corridors of power - from the political-security cabinet, through the Ministerial Committee for Legislation to the negotiation rooms where governments are formed. Among the pages of the book you will also find answers to mysteries that concern the public, such as why the polls are not accurate, what are the methods of operation of the lobbyists and if politics these days is really more corrupt. The basis of the book is the successful podcast "Doing Politics", which has received millions of listens and proved that the public is thirsty for an in-depth discussion of the essential issues that determine its future. It includes dozens of enlightening interviews with the brilliant political minds in Israel - researchers, journalists, politicians and strategic advisors and is intended for anyone who cares about where we go from here. Dafna Lial is a journalist, reporter and political commentator at News 12 and the host of the "Doing Politics" podcast. Winner of the Primer Award of the Second Authority for Social Investigations from Two Realities. She is married to Yoav Bowman and the mother of Naomi and Guy. This is her first book.

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