By Greg Horvitz (Author)

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One night a special force of secret agents breaks into Nick Horrigan's apartment and drags him away to a helicopter waiting outside. A terrorist managed to infiltrate a nuclear power plant and threatens to blow it up, and the only person he is willing to talk to is Nick . When they stand face to face, the man promises to tell Nick the truth behind the events that shattered Nick's world twenty years ago. Nick discovers that his life - and the lives of all the people he loves - is in danger, and the only thing that guides him through this deadly maze is his stepfather's last sentence: trust no one.

"Greg Horwitz has long established himself at the top as one of the best thriller writers around. I promise you that once you read the first page of this brilliant thriller, you won't be able to stop until there are no more pages left."
David Baldacci

"Greg Horwitz weaves a political thriller, which is all a web of intrigue so complex and surprising that even the most experienced readers will find themselves in the dark until the last moment."
Brad Thor, bestselling author of "Secret Team" and "Black List"

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