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This book can change your life! Don't Worry, Dale Carnegie's world bestseller, has helped millions of people around the world overcome their anxiety and worry problems. In this book, Carnegie offers practical and simple tools to implement, which will help reduce business, financial and emotional worries. Don't Worry will provide you with tools and methods with which you can: - immediately reduce worries in business matters - overcome financial anxieties - maintain energy and a good mood - deal optimally with criticism - adopt correct work habits that help prevent fatigue and worry - discover yourself and be yourself - There is no other person like you on earth! Don't worry, the most successful management books in the world, helps in understanding emotional situations and dealing with them. It is easy to read, its advice can be applied even in today's fast and unpredictable world, and it will allow you to live a healthier, more peaceful and happier life. Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) was one of the pioneers of the self-development genre in the world, he developed the Carnegie method for popularity, self-awareness and public speaking, and published successful training books that were translated into many languages ??and sold tens of millions of copies.

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