By Witelzon Jacobs Ravital (Author)

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In my age there is no room for mistakes. Not for the cooler either. Or to nostalgia. And in general, there is not much room for anything but its dream - to become the company's company in which it has been working for years. Her life is an incessant race - from the office, home, children - and back. Always sweet and ticking. But just when she seems to be able to hold her life with perfect balance - a human error in accounting, an ankle of stuck and a package of yellowing letters for the first time to deal with the prices she paid and require her to do the most hated thing in the world: stop. In her book twice, Ravital Vitalzon Jacobs is in some of the most important jumpers of many of us: in intersections between mothers, careers, couple and where you are in this story. In a sharp and sharp language, she invites her heroine and the readers to stop and deal with the question, 'Where are you going now?' Ravital Vittzon Jacobs is a standupist, a webian, mother of five and believes that as long as the candle is on, you can fry. Twice is its first novel after the columnist collectors: Say what you want (2018), why I (2020).

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TWICE| Hebrew

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