By Enhal Shmuel (Author)

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Sometimes the saying is heard: "If it doesn't come easily, it's not it". indeed? When Akiva and I met it didn't work out as I had hoped. Not in the first moment nor in the second, but we fought. We have never lived in a pink bubble, and if there was one, it burst very quickly. Sometimes I almost broke down, I looked at all our friends from the side, they lived in a magical bubble of falling in love, it seemed so healthy and easy. (From the book) In a revealing book about relationships and love, shared life and the challenges that come with them, Anhal Shmuel shares with her readers her personal and married life, in moments of crisis and uplifting moments, and brings advice for a healthy relationship. Couple time is a mirror to a complex love life, which characterizes day-to-day reality, alongside life wisdom and an optimistic view of what surrounds us. The text is accompanied by Naama Lahav's illustrations that enrich the reading experience. Enhal Shmueli has been a marriage counselor for more than a decade. In recent years, she has become an expert in imparting tools for a healthy relationship, and she attracts a wide audience in her workshops and lectures. In her open and fluid writing, full of humor and connected to reality on relationship and family issues, Anhal manages to touch hundreds of thousands of people. She is married to Akiva and the mother of Heli, Or, Maya and Ariel.

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