By Westber Tara (Author)

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Tara grew up surrounded by her doomsday family in a remote mountainous area in Idaho. Like her brother, Tara is hidden from the authorities - she does not have a birth certificate or any medical records, and she does not attend school. There is no radio, television or telephone in the house, and the children of the family spend their days doing hard and dangerous work in the father's scrap yard, stockpiling weapons and food to prepare for the destruction of the world. Tara had never heard of the Holocaust or Napoleon, algebra or biology. As she grows up, her father becomes even more extreme and paranoid, and one of her brothers turns out to be a violent and dangerous person. At the age of sixteen it is clear to her that she must save herself and leave home. By doing so, she discovers the shocking power of education, which changes her world forever, and the heavy price she has to pay for her choice. This is an extraordinary journey of a young woman, who shows mental fortitude in the face of poverty, extreme religious belief and violence, and manages to make her way, with enormous physical and mental difficulties, to the halls of fame of higher education.

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