By Kastner Erich (Author)

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Recommendation by: Adiva Gefen If there is a children's author who did not perform miracles, it is Kastner. Each of his books is a real pleasure. He comes from the side of love and therefore his books are charming, capture your heart and at the same time entertain. I think that the charming book about Emil Tishbin, who loses his money on the train, I read back and forth in my childhood. In my eyes, Emil was a hero, stubborn and unwilling to leave this world. He is determined to get justice and along the way finds not only his money but also good friends. A lovable romantic world that is fun to embrace. For the first time in his life, Emil travels alone to the big city. He travels like an adult, on the train, while he sinks into a dream-filled sleep, his money disappears. His grandmother and his cousin, who are waiting for him at the train station in Berlin, do not understand why he does not arrive, but Emil is already busy in a persistent pursuit of the thief, together with new friends he found in Berlin, chief among them, Gustav, the boy with the horn, the little Meinstag and the professor. The great adventure book that was translated by Michael Dak into a new and updated translation and is one of the world's favorite youth books. In one sentence: a great adventure book, classic and fresh

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