By Dror Mishani (Author)

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Superintendent Avraham Avraham, the Holoni police investigator, returns - and asks for bigger cases and stories that also have winners. In "Amona" Avraham is faced with two investigations. In the first, a one-day-old baby is found in a bag outside a hospital, and the suspicious woman who left her there is immediately apprehended. Avraham, defeated by painful cases of domestic violence, prefers not to listen to her story and concentrates on the second investigation - searching for a mysterious Swiss tourist, with several names and a fake passport, who disappeared from a hotel in Bat Yam, as if swallowed by the earth. These two investigations, seemingly different from each other, will lead Avraham both very close to home and far from it, to the Paris known to him from his favorite detective books. They will bring him together with people he thought he knew everything about, and with people he has never met and it is not clear if they exist, and they will reveal to him stories that he will have to decide whether he believes them or not. In the end he will have to answer a question that also concerns his life: what is the right thing to do? "Amona" is the fourth book in the detective Avraham Avraham series, and the fifth novel by Dror Mishani ("Missing Case", "Three"), whose books have won him a large following, won important awards around the world, and were adapted for film and television. In his new book, written in the hand of an artist, Mishani, like his detective, allows himself to sail to distant worlds and formulate a brave and unusual ethical position, just as it is full of hope and love of people.

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