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In his latest complete book, John Le Carré focuses on the world that has been the subject of his writing for the past sixty years - the secret world itself. Julian Lundsley has turned his back on guaranteed financial success in the City of London for a simpler life, and is now the owner and manager of a bookshop in a small seaside town in East Anglia. But no more than two months after he starts his new career, an unknown visitor disturbs his evening peace. Edward, a Polish immigrant who lives in Silverview, the big house on the edge of town, knows a lot about Julian's family, and seems overly interested in the details of running his modest new venture. One of the top secret service officers in London receives a letter warning of a dangerous information leak, and the investigations lead him to the peaceful town by the sea... Faithkeeper is a mesmerizing story about a collision between good faith and life experience and national duty and personal moral principles. John Le Carré, the great documenter of events of our time, and an inimitable literary voice, seeks to answer the question, what do we really owe to the people we love? John Le Carré was born in 1931. For six decades he wrote what became the literary corpus that defined the Cold War period. His father was a serial crook, and his childhood was spent between boarding school and the London underworld. At the age of sixteen he found refuge in the University of Bern, and later in Oxford. A teaching period at the prestigious private high school Eton led him to a short career in the British intelligence services, MI5 and MI6. He published his debut work, Dialing to the Underworld, in 1961, while still a member of the secret service. His third book, The Spy Who Came Back from the Frost, was a worldwide success, and the trilogy The Mole, The Honorable Student and All Smiley's Men established his literary status beyond doubt. With the end of the Cold War, Le Carré expanded the scenes of his books, which now encompassed areas such as the arms trade and the war on terrorism around the world. His sequel, The Pigeon Tunnel, was published in 2016, and the last book in which the character of George Smiley appears, Legacy of Spies, was published in 2017. Faithful Keeper is his twenty-sixth book. John Le Carré passed away on December 12, 2020.

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