By Hadar Shani (Author)

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...and don't call me that if I'm not bringing up a Hag Mesk show here that has never been seen before in the entire history of the movement, and I'm not talking about Ein Hanoter, yes? I'm talking to you about shows that the richest kibbutzim never produced. I'm talking to you about a show that will turn the eyes of the entire kibbutz, and especially this hill, the new community manager, who for some reason decided that he of all of them will be the one to determine who will get Yehuda Sames's apartment, and he of all of them is the one who is bothering me about continuing my studies, and he of all of them is the one who has Reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the kibbutz and his role in making my life miserable, and he is the last one to be suspected of being objective in everything related to me and the entire Tzviali family. By the way, I have no idea how you manage with him, in my opinion you should really take care of your ass, and speaking of ass, don't call me that if I don't lose at least four kilos by the end of the holiday! The year is 2002, and Kibbutz Ein Hanoter is facing one of the most dramatic moments in its history. At the same time as the preparations for the "farm holiday", the celebration of sixty years since its foundation, the kibbutz is preparing for the "determining day", the day when the association of the apartments in the kibbutz, which is going through a turbulent privatization process, will be decided. The eye of the storm is cast, or to be completely precise, casts herself - Ariela (Ella) Tzviali, a member of a well-known family there in the kibbutz, who dreams for her own reasons to prove herself and finally upgrade her life that has been floundering for years there. But in the kibbutz the emotions are surging; A passionate fight for the only remaining vacant apartment; Unresolved sediments from the military era; family secrets that can no longer be buried; The prophecy of an old Druze, and perhaps most of all, Geva, the new, handsome, non-kibbutznik and vacant community manager, throw these into a personal, romantic, family and ideological cauldron that is not easy to get out of. Shani Hadar, in her debut work, Hag Hashamsk, presents a witty, fluid and very local romantic comedy. sober, but full of love for the kibbutz for all its faults and virtues; about the hug and the bear hug; on the biological family and the collective family; On the bitter and the sweet.

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