By Magen Mira (Author)

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Yula, a writer in need of silence and silence, removes herself to a foreign apartment to write. Her new home in the condominium brings her together with Niso, a overweight boy, Maggie his mother, Ofira, a boutique owner, Orna and Shaul Levy, a couple of doctors, Smeder, a woman with a rich psychiatric past who "knocked a show" in a previous novel by Mira Magen, Shira, a single student Vanbuko, a connoisseur and arrogant man. Each of these figures, so different from each other, represents a different segment of the rich mosaic of Jewish-Israeli society. The embers of first love whisper in all of them. There are those who embrace her with intense longing, there are those who long to win her at last, there are those who deny her and there are those who despise her - but one way or another, they are all consumed by the woman. First Love, like Mira Magen's previous books, is an open book. Magen presents life in its full bloom, in its fullness and in its fullness without any discount. She is sensitive to the uniqueness of each character, but never for a moment forgets the tyranny and all-consuming power of time, which does not differentiate between those who live upstairs, in a penthouse apartment that touches the sky, and those who live in the apartment on the ground, surrounded by grass and a flaming bougainvillea bush. This fate laid before all of us, in Mira Magen, a writer who is no stranger to social-class and human-existential rebellion and rebellion, is also, paradoxically, the source of the kindness and compassion with which she envelops her characters. The hostile fate is the source from which her love for her characters springs. Characters who are mostly the most marginal, the least "aesthetic" and the least "sane" and in whom the truth and beauty are found in their nakedness. Yigal Schwartz

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