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Choose one of the participants to act as moderator. The moderator stays out of the game and his job is to turn the dial and announce what it is pointing to.
Depending on the number of participants, they play as individuals or in groups,
1. The facilitator turns the dial and announces which hand or wave and color she is pointing to.
Example: The facilitator announces: "Right hand - red". The players should place their right hand on an empty red circle, without placing a knee or elbow on the surface.
2. Once you have captured a circle, another player is not allowed to use it. If there is no agreement who got there first - the facilitator decides!
3. After you have captured a circle, you must not move, except with the instructor's permission, to allow another player to reach another circle.
4. If all six circles of the same color are occupied, the facilitator turns the dial again until another color comes out.
5. If the same color comes out one more time in a row, everyone moves a hand or foot to another circle of the same color.
6. Anyone who falls or puts an elbow or knee on the surface - is disqualified and out of the game.

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