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What is going on on an IDF? The army that was an international brand for victory at all costs, and overpowered greater armies thanks to a stubborn belief in the righteousness of the road, striving for touch and devotion, has been in the last two decades in the crisis: the problem is not a lack of state -of -the -art combat equipment or quality intelligence, but by the Yellow Spirit, And you have guilty feelings. This book will take you on a journey that begins as soon as an IDF has become a holy nation of political wrestling scene. He will show you how, in an attempt to provide a serious response to the real challenges before him, the army puts in the main door bodies that aim to hurt his ability to win, and embed him anti-Zionist and anti-military values. This is a must -have book for anyone who believes that the military role to maintain Israel's security, in values ??and without compromise. ? When did the concept of 'deciding' become a rough word? ? Why did the Second Lebanon Commanders find it difficult to understand the orders given to them? ? How and why did the Yellow Education have been privatized into controversial civilian institutes? ? And what is hiding behind the feminist struggle for common service? Neve South is the Director of the Middle Eastern Forum, a media woman and a publicist who investigates the relationships of society-military, the Israeli-US relations and the auto-anti-Semitic rhetoric. Southern grew in Kiryat Vegan, and she is a mother of two girls.

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