By Teharlev Yoram (Author)

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Taharlev's journey reached this book, which Davon Halab did not get to see published, right to the heart of the Jewish bookcase, to the book of wisdom, Proverbs. In an original, brave and daring way, he dives here into the parables of the wisest of all, King Solomon, takes morals and understands words of wisdom, and by the way gives us the mysterious and brilliant in all his books. Chaim Beer "Seventy faces to the Torah" said the Sages, meaning that the Bible can be interpreted in seventy different ways, and one does not rule out the other. The interpretation of the book of Proverbs that Yoram Taharlev offers here is contemporary and topical, and in its language and ideas brings the ancient book of wisdom closer to a contemporary audience. The love of Judaism and its learning were ingrained in Tahrlev from childhood. It was not for nothing that the high priest of the Hebrew singer, Eliyahu HaCohen, said of him that Tehrlev is "the greatest Jewish chorister". Indeed, Ben Kibbutz Yegor took upon himself a task, to study and teach, and achieved extraordinary achievements in knowledge, but No less significant than that - he managed to spread the light of Judaism among those who are seemingly far from it. His books testify to this: Vahavat, Shema Bani, Simchat Torah (on the parshas of the week) and Barchi Avot (on the chapters of Avot). This book, the last of his writings, now joins them Dr. Yoel Rafel, the editor of the book

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