By Frost Marcel (Author)

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Love only what is not fully digested. 'The Imprisonment' is a story of love and jealousy which together with 'Albertine is gone' constitutes an independent division in the 'Lost Time' saga. This is the fifth volume out of the original seven volumes of the cycle. It began to be written during Frost's days of mourning for the death of Alfred Agostinelli, his lover, driver and secretary, who was killed in May 1914, in a flying accident. Many details of their life together, which did not last more than a few months, are strikingly similar to the narrator's life with Albertine, which lasted from autumn to spring. The final work on 'The Imprisonment' was completed on the eve of the author's death in 1922. The book is read as a triptych: on both sides Marcel's relationship with Albertine, and in the center is the playing of the "Seventh": an unknown work by Vantay, a piano teacher of the strength of Al Macombre, which will be deciphered after his death, and will be performed for the first time in the expected concert at the Verdurin Lounge. The piece will be played by the protégé of the Baron de Charlus, Morel, who is used by both sexes. Albertine, always on the move, always on the run, is the "great goddess of time". It is the frequently changing fashion and it is the passion and the caprice. At the opposite pole is the music of Ventei, which is built in fixed phrases. The remote composer is the forever innovator, he is the animal that goes ahead of the camp. The Hebrew translation sees light in the centenary of the death of Marcel Proust (11/18/2022). Readers in the original language and in the languages ??of the translations added to their intimate circle figures who rose and fell on the 'lost time' scale: the grandmother, the mother, Françoise, Swann, Verdurin, Charles, and also Albertine. With each reading of them, it seems that they still serve as a prism through which their own image becomes clearer and clearer to the readers. They get to receive a soul photograph embedded in the ring of time.

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