By Morag Ora (Author)

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2791, Munich Olympics. Early in the morning, eight armed terrorists, members of the "Black September" terrorist organization, infiltrate the Olympic village, sneak into the residences of the Israeli athletes and take them hostage. The terrorists demand the release of their friends imprisoned in Israel, otherwise they will kill a hostage every hour, but the Israeli government refuses to give in to their demand, and the situation is desperate. Ariel, a Jewish boy living in Munich, is caught up in a shocking event with his friend Max - and his life changes. Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, orders the elimination of every terrorist who was involved in the planning and execution of the attack. Following this, the Mossad fighters launch a persistent pursuit throughout Europe and the Middle East for the group of murderers, led by Ali Hassan Salama, the "Red Prince". Ariel gets a key role in the dangerous mission. Will he succeed in helping capture Israel's number one wanted man? The book also describes several other daring operations, including Operation Sabena and "Spring of Youth", and the "Kinder-Transport" - the dramatic rescue operation of Jewish children from Germany before the outbreak of World War II. Ora Moerg, a writer for children and youth, is the recipient of the Ze'ev Award, the Akum Award and the Public Libraries Award. This is the 12th book in her series of historical suspense books named after her brother, the late Tovia Moerg.

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