By Ofran Ilaei (Author)

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The world is constantly changing. Technologies are developing, cultures are renewing, and social conventions are undergoing changes and upheavals that our ancestors could not bare. Sometimes it seems that the lifespan of a "generation" has shortened so much that it is not derived from the lifespan of a person but from the lifespan of a mobile device. In our constantly changing and renewing world, the religious language stands and seeks to preserve old traditions, ancient laws and eternal values. The meeting between these two worlds leads to an acute conflict that can no longer be blurred. Those who wish to live in both worlds - both in the modern world with all its innovations, and also in the Jewish world with all its traditions, religions and customs - may experience a serious gap to the point of a real rupture. It seems that all those involved in education, including parents, teachers and other educators, encounter this conflict on a daily basis. Lenabuki the New World examines ten major changes that have taken place in the world in the last decades in culture, society and technology, and have created unprecedented challenges in the world of Jewish tradition, Torah, Halacha and religious education. These changes largely make the religious, spiritual and educational language of the previous generation irrelevant for the younger generation. This book seeks to respond to the task and articulates the new challenges facing the religious world following those revolutions. It offers an infrastructure for a new religious and educational discourse, compatible with today's world and preparing the hearts for Judaism and Israeliness of the next generation. Ilai Ofran is a rabbi and a psychologist. Serves as rabbi of the Yavneh group and head of the pre-military preparatory school "Spirit of the Field". His books "Torah of the Soul" (2018) and "Droushim" (2021) were also published by Yedioth Books and were very successful.

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