By Shifer Shimon (Author)

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On the work wall of journalist Shimon Shifer hang his photos with world leaders. Prime Ministers of Israel, from Begin to Netanyahu, American presidents, Arab leaders and senior European politicians - all these he interviewed and covered in his 45 years as a reporter and political commentator for the Israel Broadcasting Authority and Yediot Ahronoth. But behind the shocking revelations and the investigations signed by Schiffer are actually unknown people, who wanted to remain so: the CEO's secretary, the minister's assistant, the junior diplomat, the Mossad man. They, the leakers, acted for different motives, but all of them made a great contribution to the freedom of the press and Israeli democracy. Parshat "Irangate", the secret talks to sign the Oslo Accords, Obama's peace plan, the secret moves that led to the First Lebanon War, the secret meeting between the ambassadors of Israel and the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War, the Netanyahus' extravagant travels around the world, the first prison interview with Jonathan Pollard - this is it Only a small part of Schiffer's journalistic achievements over the years. In his book "For Your Eyes Only", Schiffer reveals the stories behind the big stories and turns the spotlight on one of the most fascinating, important and influential professions: journalism. Because even today, in the age of social networks, democracy cannot exist without free communication - printed, online or electronic. This is Shimon Shifer's third book. His previous books, "Khord Shel"3" and "The Warning" were also published by "Yediot Books".

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