By Nevo Eshkol (Author)

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I hear her getting out of the shower, and can actually see, through the wall, how she brushes her long hair, undoing the knots until it's smooth. I hear her talking, it is not clear to whom. I don't understand a word, but I like the tone. Full of energy, opinionated, it's always right to burst out laughing. I think to myself: she is also home alone. Just like me." Amir and Noa, a student couple, move in together for the first time. In the wall that separates them from Sima and Moshe, their landlords, Moshe breaks a small porthole, so that the tenants can lift the switch for the shared boiler. This opening is also other things. Completely. "Four Houses and Longing" is an engrossing and delightful novel about four couples and one unforgettable child, who live next to each other in a small settlement near Jerusalem. Each couple has their own story, but within a short time the stories begin to mix and pass through the walls. Relationships are allowed, love sparks, and everything that was stable and safe begins to shake. From the reviews of Eshkol Nevo's previous book, "Zimmer in Givatayim": "It should be said right away: Eshkol Nevo writes excellently" (Ran HaCohen, "Yediot Ahronoth") "If Something in Nevo's descriptions seems familiar to you, it's because the stories are about you" (Noa Manheim, "Tel Aviv Gazette" "You won't be able to put the book down" (Tadhar Valed, "Bamahane") Eshkol Nevo, 33 years old, writer, lecturer at Bezalel and instructor Writing workshops His previous books "Zimmer in Givatayim" and "We parted ways" were published by Zamora-Beitan.

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