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There is only one way to deal with the unimaginable abundance of things that consume our time in the modern world: to understand that our time is a very limited resource and that no matter what we do we will never, ever, ever manage to finish doing everything.

AThis could be very bad news for all those of us who have become addicted to "cleaning" the email of messages and marking V after V on the to-do list, but the simple truth is that no matter how hard we try to be on it, at the top of the table, at the top of our game - we will never achieve what that the world we live in demands of us.

And according to Oliver Berkman, this understanding is the best thing that can happen to us in life.

Berkman tells us his personal story and how from a "productivity geek" who professionally deals with efficiency and time management methods he came to this insight that changed his life.

She gave him a different perspective on life, a point of view that led him to learn how to prioritize tasks not out of an attempt to be efficient but out of loyalty to himself, his needs and his values.

Berkman claims in his book that the power of understanding how limited our time is is to help us understand what is really important to us and what we must do to find the thing that is most important to us and begin to prioritize it over the other things that we may never have enough of. He teaches how to deal with FOMO - the fear that we will miss good things along the way and how to stick to what will really do us good and not fleeting whims or achieving temporary goals designed to distract us and nothing else.

He talks about the trap of convenience that should give us the illusion that we have saved time, as opposed to investing time in what is important to us.

Through the use of examples from life and also the teachings of philosophers, Berkman helps us understand that we have no choice but to choose a few things, sacrifice everything else and deal with the inevitable sense of loss that will accompany this.

This is a smart, moving and enlightening book that we all need at this time.

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