By Dear Elkarib (Author)

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How did a 19-year-old widow with four children cope with life, new to a foreign land?! Masouda, an abandoned girl, is taken into marriage in Meknes when she is only 12 years old, and knows nothing about her Jewish origin and what is expected of her. The story accompanies her through the hardships of immigrating to Israel, the terrible cost of the war of liberation and the day-to-day struggle for survival in Jaffa after the establishment of the state. The biggest turning point in her life occurred in her second marriage, which she already initiates and plans herself as a sober and brave woman, in a kind of carnivalesque act of deception in which the book reaches one of its surprising climaxes. Masuda is a deceptive novel based on a true story; Its feigned lightness hides a fascinating description of the transformations that have taken place in the status and power of women in the last hundred years - from Morocco of the last century to Tel Aviv of 2020. Although it is a historical novel that touches on some of the most charged topics in the history of Zionism and current social and cultural issues, the book manages to be funny, dramatic, and sexy , romantic and tragic in the same chapter, and sometimes even in the same sentence. His characters are touching and described in their full humanity, and readers are invited to an immersive reading experience. • Masouda is the grandmother of Yakir Elkarib and the youngest of the surviving widows of a fighter who fell in the War of Liberation. Yakir Elkarib was born in Jaffa. Reporter. Married and father of two. Resident of Tel Aviv. Masouda is his fifth book. It was preceded by Hollywood and passion - novels; Language transferer - songs; Aval'a - cluster of columns.

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