By Ruth Sirkis (Author)

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The cooking foundations and accommodation secrets for family and guests book - which is an excellent cooking school spectacular color photos * Great and interesting background material * Spice table * successful baking and decoration of cakes * Detailed guidance for planning and organizing parties, festive meals and light hospitality. "From the kitchen in love" is designed for people who love to explain the handsome table and enjoy delicious foods. It has hundreds of recipes for the menu - from the spicy first dose to the specialty dessert; Among them are special recipes for hospitality from the snacks for cocktail parties to birthdays for birthdays. 'From the kitchen in love' brings to you the excellent selection of cooking. The recipes are explained in clear and accurate language, step by step, so they will be successful for the first time - even by those who have no experience in cooking. Before each introduction recipe that explains the nature of the dish as well as how and when to submit. Many paintings and illustrations describe the ready -made dishes or important preparation stages and provide visual training for proper execution. All recipes - which are kosher - have been often tried in Israeli kitchens and are all made of materials that can be easily obtained in stores. Snacks and appetite: dips, hot meat snacks, savory bakery * cold buffet: meat delicacies, salads, sauces and tartness * full meals: starters, soups, meat, chicken, fish and supplements * desserts and latest dishes: whipped cream, ice creams, fruits and coat * Cakes and cookies: Selection of cakes, puffs, creams and decorating Ruth Sirkis cakes - a Tel Aviv, graduate and the University in Jerusalem, married and with two daughters and a son - started her affair with cooking according to a dozen years - in Boston. The novel has evolved over the years on its trips around the world, visits to restaurants, conversations and interviews with kitchen and food experts. These culinary tours, in which she studied the secrets of well -known cooks from China to France, from India to Italy, were made for her journalistic work in Israel and the United States. Edit the cooking section of the "you", and recently it edits and serves cooking programs and radio menus. Ruth Sirkis published two cookbooks in the United States and this is her first book in Hebrew.

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