By M.* Guy (Author)

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We lower a fly over Nahal Tsfit. My face is glued to the helicopter window. I look down, looking for a sign of life, a movement in the water, a garment, anything. Praying to identify a wounded person who can be helped. someone to save. Teams of Unit 669 participate in every imaginable scenario as well as those that are hard to imagine - from rescuing wounded soldiers under fire to covert operations far beyond enemy lines. A rescue fighter who is on standby does not know where he will find himself in a quarter of an hour: on the way to rescue teenagers caught in a flood in the Judean desert or to save the lives of soldiers hit by an IED at the Gaza border; Surfing on a cable from a helicopter as an angel from heaven to rescue a deserting pilot or as a last resort for a Syrian baby injured in the battles across the border. The wailing siren and the command "Cats jump!" could seize the 669 fighter at any given moment and transfer him with lightning speed from full routine to missions where it will sometimes be necessary to reach the limit of human ability. For about five years, Guy documented his arduous and unique service as a fighter-paramedic in the elite unit 669 - the Air Force's combat rescue unit. With an extraordinary writing talent, he composed a fascinating and fluid document, in which the hand of an artist intertwines the happy with the sad, the nerve-wracking with the inspiring, the personal with the national, the return of youth with patriotism and devotion. A book like this has never been written about military service in the IDF, a book that so intimately documents the experience of service in an elite unit from the day of enlistment, through the long and extraordinary training to participation in special operations and national dramas. From Zero to a Hundred, which received the approval of the military censor, describes operations that were forbidden So far for publication and includes first-hand exposures about the secret and complex activities of one of the most elite units in the IDF. "This is the fascinating story of a group of boys with the abilities of superheroes, the insurance certificate of the citizens of Israel." - Major General (Ret.) Amir Eshel, former commander of the Air Force

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