By Yehudit Tzpouri (Author)

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...each person can choose which way to play the cards that God has dealt him. Ran Arbel has reached the pinnacle of happiness. At the age of thirty-eight he is the owner of a successful law firm. His name went before him in the most glittering circles. Nothing prepared him for the great fall of his life - he lost his office, his clients and the woman he loved. Roni Kedem, a young and talented architect and landscape designer, progressed and paved her professional path with great effort. A heartbreak that rocked her world forces her to make difficult decisions regarding her future. Ran believes that the distance from the city and the gossip surrounding him will allow him to restore his life and his good name. He is determined to focus all his efforts and attention on managing the "Midway Magic" project. Roni joins the project in the hope of setting her life on a new path, with two things in front of her eyes - the development of her career and the fulfillment of her dream of having a child alone. She promises herself not to let the attractive and annoying man who runs the place stand in her way. In the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea, Ran and Roni meet as they try to open a new page in their lives. They try with all their might to deny the sparks of passion that are revealed between them, but they realize that they have a hard fight ahead of them and that the sediments of the past, along with the hopes for a better future, will put to the test their ability to find their place, alone and together. In her new book "The Garden of Hope", Judit Tzfuri weaves a sensual novel about a second chance in life, big dreams and hopes, and manages to move and move the heart this time as well. This is a sequel to "The Garden of the Sun". Among her previous books that were a resounding success among readers and sold thousands of copies: the mafia series "Lines", "Metra Online", duet "Nefshot" and more.

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