By Lebrecht Norman (Author)

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In the second half of the 19th century, a quiet revolution began, which few in the world observed in real time: the Jews, who for hundreds of years lived outside of general society, jumped into history and changed its course and the way we see the world. In almost every field - in politics and economics, in literature and painting, in music and theater, in psychology and physics and medicine - Jews played a central role in shaping the world as it is today. Along with the very familiar names, such as Marx and Freud, Einstein and Kafka, there were dozens more Jews whose work continues to leave its mark in our daily lives: Heinrich Heine loosened the corsets of the German language, Benjamin Disraeli turned the Stupid Party of England into a conservative party - Nationally, Karl Landsteiner made blood transfusions and major surgeries possible, Paul Ehrlich brought chemotherapy to the world, Arnold Schoenberg brought atonality to the world, Magnus Hirschfeld was one of the first sexologists and the fathers of the gay rights movement, Rosalind Franklin helped unknowingly decipher the structure of DNA, Leon Trotsky proposed To the world the nightmare of the constant revolution, Sarah Brenner invented fame, and if it weren't for Fritz Haber there wouldn't be enough food to sustain life on earth... In his book Rahav Yareya Genius and Anxiety, the historian Norman Lebrecht tells the stories of all these special people, and of many others, and in Thus it examines why precisely during this period a handful of Jews managed to see what others did not, and whether the world also changed the Jews. Norman Lebrecht is a journalist, music historian and Jewish-English author. Among the dozens of books and articles he published are the reference books "The Myth of the Maestro" and "Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Music" and the novels "The Song of Names" and "The Game of Contrasts".

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