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Are you also sometimes sure that all the women around you have an orderly and satisfying life, and only your life is full of struggles? Do you also feel that you are unable to persevere and fulfill, not attentive enough to yourself and your family, unable to dream big? Listen for a moment, and listen carefully: this is a lie. Just like many other lies we tell ourselves - lies that build and feed low self-esteem, defeatism and procrastination, and prevent us from achieving our goals. Lies that we have been living in their image for so many years that they have become white noise. But if we want to break through our own barriers, we have no choice: we must smash them and start living truly. Rachel Hollis, founder of the content company COM.THECHICSITE, believed for many years in each of the 20 inhibiting lies listed in the book. After facing family, marital and professional challenges in her youth and adulthood, Rachel reveals with absolute honesty and sarcastic self-humor the lies that made her feel she was not worthy of love and success. Each chapter in the book consists of a painfully personal story about relationships, motherhood, addiction and many other topics, and practical strategies that helped Rachel - and will help you too - to overcome difficulties. The book "Go Wash Your Face" was a bestseller in the US and around the world, and starred for over 20 consecutive weeks at the top of the New York Times and Amazon's bestseller list.

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