By Kastner Erich (Author)

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This book is the most important, profound and interesting work that Erich Kastner wrote for adults, a smart and witty novel like no other, in which he predicted the deterioration of Germany and Europe into the days of dictatorship and World War II. The book was published in Germany in 1931 under the name given to it by the publisher: "Fabian: The Story of a Moralist". According to the publisher's request, not only was the title chosen by the writer not accepted, but also words and entire sections were censored, including political, social and erotic content. blunt Even the last thing that Kastner wrote for the first edition - in which he warned about the abyss that Germany was standing on - was not published. All the many editions that were published in the following decades respected the censored text. It was only in 2013 that the full original text of the work was published for the first time - based on the manuscript. It is now being translated into Hebrew. Jacob Fabian, who holds a PhD in German literature, lives in a rented room in Berlin and is employed as an advertising writer in a cigarette factory. His good friend Labude, a member of a wealthy family, also has a PhD in literature, is trying his hand in the academic world. Both are lively, sharp-minded and critical young people, who fail to build an orderly, neither professional nor private life for them. In the decadent Berlin of the 1920s, where luxury and squalor, immorality and burglaries, hope and despair swirl together in one bow, they vacillate between searching for meaning in their lives and finding a political, economic and human fix for the society crumbling before their eyes. Their friendship, their shared wild experiences in the streets of the city and in its craziest places of entertainment, become in the novel a stage for the growth of a brilliant literary satire, which even the tragedies that occur during the plot do not loosen its bite and even bring it to its peak. Erich Kastner (1899-1974) is a German writer and poet. He remained in Germany during the Nazi regime but his books were burned, he was forbidden to publish them in Germany and they were published in Switzerland. Kastner gained fame in the world mainly as a children's author, the author of "Patzafunat and Anton", "Emil and the Detectives" and "The Double Light". An afterword by Ilana Hamerman, the translator of the book, is attached to the Hebrew version presented here.

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