By Ilan Barda (Author)

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In the spring of 1986, equipped with Muchila and mental scars, a fan passenger, an elite and graduated tourist, for a "trip after an army". On the way to South America's jungles, he stops in Europe, spends magical days in different countries, falls in love, excited and experienced experiences that have been shared with it slightly with the military service wounds and the nibbled sadness. In the spring of 2016, exactly thirty years later, when he was already a father and a successful businessman, a accidental and exciting meeting in Milan's terminal leads him to a huge shaking in his life and a discovery of exciting secrets that originated at that trip he then conducted, thirty years before. The novel's secrets of God illuminate a small light beam the great secrets and shords of the accidental accidents. Secrets of love, passion, jealousy, family and relationships. Ilan Barda, a businessman, was born in Ofakim and lived in Herzliya, bread and deposited in an elite unit in the IDF, at the age of 27 he set up the Henry's Carpeter Restaurant chain, fought at the age of 40 with cancer and recovered, struggled at 45 at a more complicated cancer and again recovering. God's secrets is his third book. He was preceded by me, my loved one, published in 2019, and three days in Bordeaux who saw light in 2021.

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