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Someone disappeared
no one is talking
But this time, everyone is listening.

Pip is no longer a detective.

It's true that Ravi Singh helped her record a true crime podcast about the murder case they solved together, and it's true that the podcast went viral and now the whole world knows her, but Pip still insists that the days of investigations are behind her.
Until the evening of the memorial service for Andy Bell and Sal Singh, another member of their class disappeared.
The police don't do much. And if the police aren't going to look for the missing person,
Pip will, and will uncover more dangerous secrets of her town. And this time she will do it with everyone listening.
The only question is: Will Pip be able to solve the mystery before it's too late again?

"A tight thriller with a well-constructed plot that you can't stop reading." - The Guardian

"A wonderful story full of twists and turns." - Book Riot Holly

Jackson was born in 1992. grew up in England and started writing stories from a young age. At the age of 15, she finished her first (bad) attempt at writing a book.
The Murder Guide for Good Girls, a juvenile thriller, is her debut book. It was a success all over the world, translated into many languages ??and adapted into a
BBC television series. It was also chosen in England as the best debut book for young people for 2019, starred in first place on the New York Times bestseller list, and won the British National Book Award (2020) and the Waterstones Award for Children's Books (2021). Holly Jackson lives in London, and apart from reading and writing she enjoys computer game marathons and spotting syntax errors on street signs.

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