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Good question Ravensburger board game The goal of the game: to collect all the game tokens How to play: Deal 2-4 game tokens to each participant (according to the number of participants). 25 picture tiles were randomly taken out of the box and arranged on the table in the form of a 5x5 square. Choose a player who will be the hider. The other participants cover their eyes while the chosen player hides a game token under one of the picture tiles scattered on the table. After he has finished hiding the game token, the other participants start asking questions in turn, with the aim of finding the game token. It is allowed to ask only questions to which the answer is "yes" or "no". For example: Is the game token under the picture of a plant? The participant who asks first is the first seeker. According to the answers of the hider, the seeker can rule out some of the pictures and remove them from the square. If the answer to the question is yes, the searcher continues to ask. If the answer to the question is no, then the turn goes to the next seeker. Little by little, fewer picture tiles remain in the square on the table, until finally one of the searchers finds the game token. A player who is left without game tokens is out of the game. The game ends when one of the participants has collected all the game tokens and is the winner. Version for two participants: each participant is given 20 picture tiles, which he arranges in a square in front of him. Both participants hide a game token each in their tile square. One of the participants starts asking questions until he gets a negative answer, then the turn goes to the other player. The first to find the opponent's token wins the game.

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