By A tank swallow (Author)

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When you love When you love someone the heart becomes wide wide wide. When you love someone you approach him carefully and put your cheek in your palm the hand, and they count: one and another one and you feel two. And this is up to the sky, when - love. Michal Swallow ("bird of the soul"), a poet and writer for children and adults, writes in the book of poems in front of us kisses and more... For children and parents, for grandmothers and grandfathers, and in general - for any age and for everyone. Every child will find in the songs the himself. Every young or old man will find the child inside him and the person he is today next to his family members. Grandma's kisses, the house and the parents, a group of children who go out to find out what is at the end of the world, and a sad boy, And a curious boy, and an athletic boy, and a smart boy, and a girl who picks stars, and a girl who paints the world in wonderful colors. What's more, you will find in the book Kisses and more... In the eye-popping and heart-catching illustrations of Norit Sarfati, you will meet The end of childhood that accompanies us all throughout life. The illustrations are an integral part of this magical book.

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