By Angela Duckworth (Author)

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In Grit, which hit the New York Times bestseller list overnight, groundbreaking psychologist Angela Duckworth shows everyone who aspires to succeed - parents, students, educators, athletes and business people, or anyone - that the secret behind theExtraordinary successes are not the talent we are endowed with but a special combination of passion and perseverance which she calls "grit".
Duckworth weaves between the pages of the book her personal story as the daughter of a scientist who repeatedly warned her that she was "not a genius" and who became a scientist and a respected lecturer. She tells about her experiences as a teacher, as a business consultant and as a neuroscientist, which opened her eyes and led her to the hypothesis that success is not a matter of "genius" but of a unique combination of passion and long-term perseverance, acquired qualities that can be developed.
In Grit, Prof. Duckworth takes her readers to the field and meets them, among other things, with cadets struggling to survive the arduous journey where their training begins at the American Officer Academy, with teachers in particularly difficult schools and with the winners of the national spelling bee in the United States. She points to fascinating insights from history, shows what can be learned from modern experiments about the conditions under which peak performance is achieved, and details her conclusions from interviews she conducted with dozens of people who have achieved extraordinary achievements.
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