By Sivan Rahav-Meir (Author)

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What are the two most important words? How did the spy Eli Cohen manage to eat matza on Passover in Syria? What treasure did the boy who was bored in class discover? And why is it forbidden to insult a rooster? "Grow up!", Sivan Rahab-Meir's book for young people, is a collection of 54 short and inspiring stories, one story for each parsha of the week. Stories from Israel and the world, which convey a multitude of educational, enlightening and funny messages. At the end of each story there is a "point for thought", an invitation to readers to connect the story to their own lives. The book is intended for the whole family and for all sectors. Sivan Rahab-Meir, a media woman, married to her friends and mother of five, wrote the bestsellers "The Jewish Status", "Solam Ya'akov" and "Yim Bai'am".

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GROW UP| Hebrew

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