By Fleur Dafna (Author)

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In adolescence, something powerful happens to you. You are no longer a girl and not yet a woman. You are a girl who goes on a journey to discover yourself. Your body develops, your feelings intensify, your view of the world changes. The journey can be quiet and calm, exhausting or shocking. Adolescent with love is a book that will accompany you in your teenage years. A book that will strengthen faith in yourself and confidence in your feelings. A book that will teach you the secrets of the body and help you make wise and healthy choices by paying attention to yourself. Body changes, the menstrual cycle, relationships with friends, online content, boys and girls, body image, protection and more - are some of the topics presented in this book. * * * Mothers and teachers, this book is a useful and recommended tool for joint learning with the girl. An important book in an era where adults are afraid to be present and guide the way in sensitive issues, in an era where there is enormous exposure to sexual content through the screens. Growing up in love is a recommended book for girls aged 12 and over. It has basic information, and it has information suitable for girls who want to go deeper. It is studded with pearls from Jewish and Israeli sources, exercises with mother, father and grandmother and practice with the body. The book is written with sensitivity, it appeals to a diverse public and crosses sectors with the belief that most girls are busy with similar issues, and they all deserve guidance. Dafna Feller is a social worker, facilitator for "fertility awareness", facilitator for youth, teachers and parents for healthy sexuality education and one of the founders of the field in religious schools in Israel. The book was written on the basis of Dafna Feller's meeting with thousands of girls and on the basis of the loving, warm and non-judgmental bond that formed between them.

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