By Oliver Swift (Author)

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Jonathan Swift's most celebrated work has earned its lofty status thanks to its many faces. The novel Gulliver's Travels is a well-honed and local slap, but also a universal philosophical essay, a sober tour diary of the human soul and a whimsical, dark and melancholic adventure fantasy. All of these are compounded by the character of Lemuel Gulliver, a simple doctor and seafarer who knows how to observe himself from the point of view of the creatures of wonder into whose realms he stumbles. This ability forces us, the readers, to experience the full difference and similarity between us and those creatures and to contrast our own values ??with those of busy dwarves, sedentary giants, floating scholars, high horses and more. This Hebrew translation includes all four parts of the original work from 1726, without adaptations and abbreviations intended for the youth. It also includes a selection of commentaries, articles and poems written about the book and inspired by it during the three hundred years that have passed since its publication. Two essays by Prof. David Fishlov and Ayelet Yamini were added to the book.

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