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Haim, a novel by Gil Haravan, tells the story of a group of friends from Jerusalem over decades - from elementary school, back in the late seventies, to the present day. Historical events come and go, loves are created and end, and in between - farewells, weddings, divorces, joys and disasters experienced by the members of the group. The clever Yoel, the miserly Lior, the indifferent Yoash, the kind-hearted Avital, the dramatic Ksenia, the responsible Einat - all of them, along with their family members, are described between the pages of the novel, until at the end the readers feel that they too are part of the gang. At the heart of the story is the long-standing friendship between Ksenia and Yoash: a bond of contradictions, apparently, that begins with a chair thrown by Yoash that hit Ksenia's face, and continues with surprising life twists. But who is the unreliable narrator who unfolds the whole story, on behalf of the friends? Only at the end of the novel will this mystery become clear, and as if require the reader to return and re-read the story with different eyes. "Haim" is an original and ambitious novel: many protagonists and many subplots. No man is an island, and the countless contacts and connections between the characters create a gestalt that is very similar to life itself. Gil Haravan's writing flows and moves like the water of a river: at times it slides down a channel, and at times it splits into sub-channels that return and unite at the end with the main stream. Sometimes it moves quickly over years, and sometimes it lingers on a certain moment of significance. Gil Haravan is the winner of the Sapir Prize for 2002 ("She Loved Nefshi"), and the author of the books "The Last Lies of the Body", "A Awakening Heart", "I'm Leona" and "Wrong People", which were published by Hazut Beit. "Life" is the eighteenth digit.

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HAIM| Hebrew

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