By Karin Goren (Author)

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In the last two years I found myself working on two books at the same time, one sweet and one salty. For the sweet book I developed new recipes for anyone who wants to "make something sweet" from simple ingredients that are always at home [with many "mix everything and bake" type cakes], and in writing the savory book I adapted professional recipes from bakeries - for home baking. As you understand, I couldn't decide which book to publish first, and that's how I got a book with a split personality: two covers, two flavors, two levels of difficulty. If you open it on the sweet side, you'll find recipes for "home baking" - quick cakes [a lot of the "mix everything and bake" type] as well as cookies, desserts and even not too complicated mousse cakes - all from simple ingredients that are always in the house [mine, at least J]. And if you turn around and open from the other side - you will reach the savory side dedicated to "professional baking", with homemade versions of pastries that are usually bought outside - but so much more fun and delicious to make ourselves. These are more challenging recipes, for days when you have the desire and time to be in the kitchen. As is customary in the Kodesh, each recipe is accompanied by a "sweet secret" or a "salty secret" - with important highlights for the success of the baking. And what excites me most about this book, is that I literally brought you into my kitchen and photographed the preparation steps of each and every recipe. So each recipe actually appears twice: the recipe + the picture of the pastry on two pages [as in my previous books], and on the following double page - a recipe in pictures, with large and clear photographs of the step-by-step preparation method, accompanied by explanations so that anyone can succeed.

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