By Hali Maman (Author)

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Hali Maman cracked the system. Someone who shed dozens of kilograms and founded a leading weight loss group network in Israel, knows exactly how to eat to lose weight and keep it off for a long time: tasty, satisfying and healthy. But how do you do it in practice? Hali Maman's cookbook is the perfect recipe book for anyone who wants to eat deliciously and lose weight. In the book, Hali shares all of us in the winning format that helped her and the tens of thousands of workshop participants in her landing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wonderful stews and roasted vegetables that taste intense, excellent meat and vegetarian dishes alongside warming soups and great salads, and yes - there is also an entire chapter dedicated to cakes and sweets, and even tips for wise eating. The recipes, most of which are also quick to prepare, make Hali Maman's cookbook a real feast for those watching their weight, but also for those who want to diversify their kitchen menu with plenty of new dishes for the whole family.

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