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Even when everything goes wrong, the science of happiness can help! In Happier No Matter What, Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, one of the pioneers of positive psychology and a New York Times bestselling author, shows us how.
Ben Shahar debunks common myths such as "the successIt brings happiness" and "one should look for happiness itself". When hard times thwart success and eliminate joy, such ideas invite despair by leaving us no path of action.
But there is something to be done: we can adopt Shafrir's five elements for achieving hope, well-being, and purpose:
Mental: I'm learning.
Physically: the body gets its due.
Spiritual: I experience meaning.
Relationships: My friends support me.
Emotional: I am allowed to feel.

If we truly embrace these basics, we will build the resilience to bear anything - from personal loss to a global epidemic. Ben Shachar's new Shaffer method marks the way to become "whole again" - and when we are whole, we summon happiness inside.

Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, lecturer and author of the international bestsellers Happiness and Happiness, Possible Happiness, Choosing Happiness, and Happiness in Leadership. Ben Shahar is co-founder and head of the teaching department at POTENTIALIFE, a leadership development organization. He advises and lectures to managers in international corporations, in the public service and among at-risk populations. His courses in positive psychology and the psychology of leadership at Harvard University were among the most sought after in the university's history

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