By Ben Shahar Tal Dr (Author)

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We often think to ourselves: If only we were always enough to do everything we had planned, if we only earned much more, win the Israeli championship in the jump to height, excel in every test or find the perfect dream prince - so we would probably be happy! Is it? Tal Ben-Shahar, a global bestseller author with happiness and happiness (in Hebrew, shows a surprising book in your hand that the pursuit of perfection is precisely the biggest obstacle on the way to happiness. Banding for studies in the field of positive psychology and what he taught in his popular Harvard course, Ben-Shahar shows us how to stop the impossible pursuit of perfection, and instead move forward in the curl path that will lead us to happiness, satisfaction and self-fulfillment. Ben-Shahar offers an amazing proposal in her simplicity: an optimal way of addressing success and failure, family, love, career and life in general. With the help of eye -catching insights, personal anecdotes and fascinating stories in combination with practical exercises, he explains why the way to happiness is not always continuous with successes, why fear of failure is paralyzing us, and how much we will earn if we only know how to forgive ourselves and learn from painful failures and exciting. You will find out how to focus on the important things in life, and how to fulfill your potential and be truly happy!

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