By Cohen Hillel (Author)

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In recent years, the veteran concept has returned to the "Second Israel" concept and Eastern figures have become a symbol of hatred of Arabs. But is it a real mirror of the past and the present? Hate a love story tells the relationship between Jews and Arabs through the "sectarian question" and reads the relationship between Mizrahi and Ashkenazi through the "Palestinian question". Hillel Cohen is originally wearing historical facts in social insights, shedding a new light on well -known cases, and for the first time reveals obscure affairs and strokes: - -Eastern cooperation-an Arab in intercontinental marriage. -On the demonstration in Jerusalem, where the Israeli flag exhibits from the neighborhoods, while calling "Ben Zona" in parallel with a Palestinian demonstration at the Nablus Gate. -On the engineering of the IDF, among the immigrants of Islam. -On the Mizrahim, during the Arab rebellion, bombs in Arab markets were applied, about the others who were staying with rebels, and at least one eastern, who then supported the Palestinian fuck. -On the Feda activist, the Six Day War fantasized about an eastern uprising, and the young people from Susrara waiting for an Arab victory in the war. -One of the defendants in Blinch in Bat Yam in the events of Tashu, who, according to his father, "most of his friends I think are Arabs." -On the history of the phrase 'It's a shame that Hitler did not finish the job.' -On Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who once said: "We have a common history of good neighboring life, tolerance," and once said: "These Ishmaelim are all bitter wicked, all haters of Israel." -Meeting. It is a history not in the meantime, neither from a nor the flattening that follows the processes in which the consciousness and actions of Mizrahi and Ashkenazi, Palestinians and Zionists were designed and opens new horizons for thought of the past, the present and the future. Prof. Hillel Cohen is investigating and teaching Palestinian and Judith history at the Hebrew University. Among his previous books, the bestseller and good Arabs.

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