By Dana Naomi ben Shlomi (Author)

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And what if we don't die? The Southern Turkish archaeological excavations at a mysterious way, six strange bodies are emerged in appearance, with one of a human bone with an ancient Canaanite written - Luz. Adam, an international renowned archaeologist will let anyone interfere with his way to discover the wonderful secrets of the findings discovered on his excavation site. Said, a senior Turkish police investigator, was called to crack the mystery of the six bodies he had never seen. His way of solving the mystery will meet him with a past and secrets that have taken deep in the ground. Anna, a doctoral student who specializes in ancient Jewish mysticism in the legendary Luz city, is called to help, and together they are in a reality that exceeds any imagination. Three people, who had it not been for the circumstances, would never have met, embarking on a dizzying journey between reality and imagination, between past and present, to crack the six bodies. Where mysticism meets science and time frozen, the heroes find themselves in the fight for more than their lives. Luz by author Dana Naomi Ben Shlomi. A detective, exciting, fascinating and mysterious thriller that will take you into the world disappearing until you change your worldview of life, death and what in between.

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HAZEL| Hebrew

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