By Krupik Ora (Author)

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Abishag was unable to make a sound. Not because she didn't understand the question, but because of this paralyzing fear. The fear that prevents her from opening her mouth and getting the words she wrote out. The fear of being heard. The fear that she will become the joke of the day at school, if she makes a mistake in reading a word or if the answer is not correct. Avishag, a 5th grade student, is having trouble finding her place. Some of the children in the class make fun of the food stains that regularly dot her shirt; Her works in the ceramics class always come out crooked; And she avoids speaking in class or joining the youth movement for fear that everyone will make fun of her. The only one who manages to comfort her is her beloved dog, Tina, but she is a very old dog and has been getting sick a lot lately, and Abishag is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that she will soon have to say goodbye to her. One day, the teacher assigns the class a new task - a "personal stage" project, in which each student must present a topic close to his heart to everyone. Avishag is attacked with great anxiety, and wonders how she will be able to cope with the scary task. In this book too, Ora Krupik, the beloved children's and youth author, succeeds in penetrating deeply into the hearts of the readers, when she presents to them a heroine of her own age who faces difficult situations, with whom they can identify. Krupik's previous books were also published by "Danny Books" and received great success and critical acclaim. Among them are "Friendship with Dawn", "Maria", not like everyone else", "My simple life", "Alma's secret" and many others.

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